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  • Speaking out for young people!

    The Jack Petchey Foundation works with Speakers Trust to provide public speaking workshops for groups of young people in Years 9 and 10 in schools in Kent and Essex.  Each school then nominates a student to represent the school and be involved in a competition at local level.  Louise and I have had the privilege of being on the judging panel for these events for many years.  Unfortunately, the timing of these events has coincided with Covid-19 but Speakers Trust worked hard to adapt to deliver digitally so that no young person had to miss out on the life-changing opportun...
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  • Youth employment post Covid-19

    During the pandemic, Bromley EBP have continued to ‘keep in touch’ with the 56 young people we have placed into employment since April 2019 through the YES project.  Of those we have been able to contact, 10 reported they had been furloughed but more alarmingly 3 young people had been ‘let go’ by their employer or made redundant due to the pandemic.  This gave us cause for concern and as a result we have researched reputable sources to get more information on the emerging picture. ‘The sharp rise in unemployment that early benefits and vacancies data suggests is currently happening, gives us reason to fear that employment and pay scarring could be large and long-lasting. Past experience tells u...
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  • Bromley YEAH (Youth Engagement Advice Hub)

    Bromley YEAH (Youth Engagement Advice Hub) was launched on 17th June 2020.  Bromley YEAH enables young people to meet weekly online and interact with Bromley Police facilitated by Met Police Youth Engagement Officers. Please click here for more information.      
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  • Bromley EBP undertake redirected tasks to help the local effort

    Like the majority of Council employees, the EBP team have been working from home during the current period of lockdown.  As our work is closely linked with schools and businesses, both not operating fully at the moment, we have been able to offer our help to other LBB services in the local emergency crisis effort. PPE Distribution - Karen and Sarah are both enjoying offering their support to help distribute much needed PPE equipment to a range of services including local care homes, social care and other LBB departments. Volunteer Feedback Project - all the team are using our experience of working with volunteers to support this LBB and Community Links project.  Over 2,000 people volunteered to help at the beginning of lockdown when it was clear that many vulnerable residents and those told to shield would need help with everyday tasks.  More than 600 volunteers have been matched with at least one resident and are providing a life-line of support.  BEBP have had the privilege of telephoning the volunteer...
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  • Covid-19 Update on work experience placements at Bromley Council

    Unfortunately, the London Borough of Bromley has had to take the difficult decision to cancel this year’s programme of work experience for young people.  The first placements were due to take place from mid-June through to early July. A number of factors have contributed to this decision including: the fact that most of the schools involved have withdrawn their students from the confirmed placements due to uncertainty around schools re-opening and the safety of young people.   the fact that the Council is currently planning a recovery to start to get over 1,400 employees back to work but the official line at the moment is still ‘to work from home’ where you can.  Bromley EBP will be contacting all the young people directly as well as the employees from within the Council who have been generous enough to offer to host a student this year.  We appreciate that all those involved will be disappointed but we intend that the programme will resume again in September for placements within the Council for the next academic year.  
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