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Bromley Education Business Partnership
“We link young people with business and the community”

Who are we?
​​​​​​​Bromley Education Business Partnership (Bromley EBP) was formed in 1991 and is an integral part of the London Borough of Bromley's Youth Services.  The team comprises five professionals with vast experience of working closely with employers and volunteers to support young people (14-19) and help them be better prepared for the world of work.

​​​​​​​What we do
We provide opportunities for young people to gain new skills and experiences through real-life contact with professionals from business and the community.  Our aim is to help them understand and be better prepared for their future by linking with local and national employers who can help to boost their motivation, attitude and employability skills.  We do this through our various programmes:​​​​​​​

Bromley Mentoring Initiative – we recruit, screen and train adults from the local community to be mentors spending time with a young person with the aim of motivating and encouraging them to improve their skills and raise their self-esteem and aspirations.

Work Experience – we work with secondary and special schools to help support them to offer safe and valuable placements for students in Years 10, 11 and 12 in a range of sector workplaces.  We also coordinate the Borough’s work experience scheme offering placements in a variety of departments across the Council.

Educational Visits – we provide schools and LBB departments with support, training and guidance on educational visits by providing access to EVOLVE which is an on-line system to simplify procedures.

Enterprise and Employability Events – we partner with local and national employers who support our employability events for young people.  The events are aimed at young people (14-19) in Bromley schools and are designed to help them understand skills and attributes needed by employers in the workplace of today.



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