Police Encounter Panels

The Met Police are recruiting for their new Police Encounter Panels.

What are Police Encounter Panels?

Police Encounter Panels are being created to give communities an opportunity to feedback on policing encounters, by watching Body Worn Video footage and offering their views on what went well or what the Met could improve. The panels will work on Sutton, Bromley and Croydon and will comprise of independent community members, senior police officers and the Met Federation or appropriate staff support associations.

Why do we need Police Encounter Panels?

The main purpose of these panels is to improve public trust and confidence in the Met, by allowing the community to offer appropriate scrutiny and feedback of policing encounters.

The panels aim to do this by:

  • incorporating the community experience of policing
  • using these experiences to improve the way officers understand interactions with the public
  • allowing local communities to review broader aspects of local policing practice

How to get involved?

They are particularly interested in recruiting members most impacted by policing encounters (especially those aged under 25), but welcome applications from all community members.

Please note: 

  • You must live, work, be in education in Sutton, Croydon or Bromley, or have strong links to the local areas.
  • This is not a paid role.

If you are interested in joining this new panel – and making a difference to policing in the area – please email SNMailbox-.PESPs@met.police.uk and they will send you an application form.