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School trips and visits are an important and valuable part of the curriculum.  They broaden young people’s horizons and cultural understanding, improve their social skills and confidence and benefit their learning.  Educational visits enable young people to link classroom learning to the real world and provide fun and memorable experiences.

Bromley EBP runs the LBB Educational Visits Service Package (EVSP) which provides Bromley schools with support, training and guidance for educational visits.  The EVSP also includes access to EVOLVE, an online system for the planning, approval and management of educational visits, sports fixtures and extra-curricular activities.  It is proven to reduce paperwork, simplify procedures, produce self-review and inspection preparation data, and improve staff confidence that they are following both employer and national guidelines.

The Educational Visits Service Package (EVSP):

  • provides access to EVOLVE – the on-line system for the planning, approval and management of educational visits.
  • keeps subscribers updated with the Educational Visits Local Guidance documents to support the LBB EV Policy and OEAP National Guidance.
  • provides a helpline for EVCs in respect of any EV or EVOLVE queries.​​​​​​​
  • ​​​​​​​offers access to our Outdoor Education Consultant for specific/ more complex queries.​​​​​​​
  • ​​​​​​​signposts and/or deliver training at an additional cost.
  • continues to manage EVOLVE, and populate the resource bank of guidance documents, risk assessments and links to local and specialist providers.

The EVSP has been running in its current format since April 2011 and most Bromley schools are part of the network.

Renewal letters are sent out in March to all schools in the package to renew their membership for the next financial year.  If you are a school who is not currently in the package and are interested in signing up, please contact Emma Giddings on 020 8461 7200, ebp.admin@bromley.gov.uk

Please click here for the EVSP schedule of fees.


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