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  • Costain develop London Bridge

    Costain develop London Bridge

    As our population increases, the UK is demanding more from its rail infrastructure than ever before. It is estimated that we make 2.5 billion rail journeys every year, which is set to rise to over 3 billion by 2020. The current network is beyond capacity and increasing demand will see growth in electrification, high-speed rail and the introduction of digital railway, making for a better connected nation. BEBP have close links with the Cons...
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  • Educational Visits Coordinator training

    Bromley EBP provides the Educational Visits Service package for schools and educational establishments.  The support provides training and guidance for educational visits and access to EVOLVE which is an on-line system for the planning and management of sports fixtures and school trips. We recently held two training sessions for new EVs and as a refresher for those already trained which were delivered by our external Outdoor Learning consultants.  The feedback from the 30 delegates was very positive and will help them make sure that this type of valuable activity to help young...
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  • Taking the Next Steps

    Bromley EBP has been delivering the Bromley Youth Employment Scheme to help tackle youth unemployment since July 2014.  Due to the success of placing over 120 young people into sustained contracted employment, a decision was taken by the Council in October 2016 for a follow on project. The Next Steps employability events are supported by local and national employers and have proved a positive element of the scheme.  We are delighted to be able to offer events to help improve student’s employability skills and their transition to the workplace this academic year.  The events are aimed at groups of students from Year 12/13 who have expressed an interest in finding work at the end of their studies and not going onto...
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  • Engaging with our employers

    Bromley EBP provides the link between local and national employers and young people/schools.  We have recruited, developed and sustained relationships with many employers who are keen to work with us to help improve young people’s transition to work. We hold annual briefing sessions at the beginning of each academic year at the Civic Centre to link up with our key employer representatives and meet organisations who are interested in finding out more about what we do. If you are an employer who would like to support young people in the Bromley community and meet your corporate social responsibility commitment, contact us to find out more about the briefings.
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  • Need help to kick-start your career?

    Over the past three years we have placed over 140 young people into work in a range of apprenticeship and job roles.  If you are 16-24 year old and a Bromley resident keen to develop your employability skills contact us to find out more about the Youth Employment Scheme. We can help increase the chances of getting you started on your chosen career path. Bromley Youth Employment Scheme leaflet  
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