Taking the Next Steps

Bromley EBP has been delivering the Bromley Youth Employment Scheme to help tackle youth unemployment since July 2014.  Due to the success of placing over 120 young people into sustained contracted employment, a decision was taken by the Council in October 2016 for a follow on project.

The Next Steps employability events are supported by local and national employers and have proved a positive element of the scheme.  We are delighted to be able to offer events to help improve student’s employability skills and their transition to the workplace this academic year.  The events are aimed at groups of students from Year 12/13 who have expressed an interest in finding work at the end of their studies and not going onto higher education. Events will again take place in the Central Library, Bromley and dates have now been confirmed (see Calendar of events on our web site).

If your organization would like to get involved with supporting the events, please get in touch as these events could provide a great opportunity for you to meet with local young people who could be future employees.