Bromley Arts Festival - July 2022

Bromley Arts Trust are promoting a Festival of Arts across Bromley in July.

They are currently putting together a programme of all the arts events that are already organised for July as well as promoting new events so that throughout July there will be a whole range of arts activities and events every day.

Attention Bromley schools!
If your school has already got something planned in July – an end of term play, concert, art/pottery exhibition, dance event etc, they would love to hear from you and would be happy to publicise your event as part of their overall Festival publicity.

If you don’t have anything planned but might be looking for opportunities in which to engage the children and young people at your school, please let the Arts Trust know what you might be interested in and they will be able to sign post you in the right direction or even secure the type of event in which you are interested as part of the Festival.

If you would like to be included in Festival publicity (leaflets, brochure, website), please let them know at:

Once you have logged your interest, they will provide details of what they need from you as they prepare their publicity.

Bromley Arts Trust