Make Your Mark National Youth Consultation 2020!

Bromley Youth Council is launching Make Your Mark National Youth Consultation 2020!  Please share and support young people's engagement to vote via Survey Monkey.  We have gone digital this year to support all young people to participate.

Make Your Mark online voting is live!
Over 900 schools, colleges youth groups and partner organisations, have signed up to this year's campaign.

The issues voted as most important will be the focus of the UK Youth Parliament’s 2021 campaigns. Members of Youth Parliament will campaign to influence UK Parliament and their local representatives, ensuring that the views of young people are listened to by decision-makers. 

The survey monkey, asks 11-18 year olds to vote on one UK-wide topic and one local topic that is most important to them. Online voting closes on 30th November and is solely through

School and colleges can support engagement with Make Your Mark 2020 as follows:

  • Promote on the school/college social media accounts
  • Place a link onto the Internal ICT platforms for example Moodle, Teams or Blackboard
  • Use some class lessons time to support the engagement, perhaps organise a small debate on some of the campaigns
  • Place a link to Make Your Mark when the learners/students logon to their computer in the school/college
  • Promote on the school/college plasma screens in common areas and corridors

Please click here for more information about Make Your Mark and the UK Youth Parliament.