LBB Work Experience 2017/18

Bromley Education Business Partnership continues to coordinate the Council’s work experience scheme. This year, we received 34 applications from students in years 10, 11 and 12.

Max Mulcahy, work experience placements coordinator, worked to promote the value of work experience and managed to secure placements in a range of departments including Libraries, IT, Bromley Children Project, Democratic Services, Commissioning, Adult Social Care, Public Health and Housing Needs.  Feedback from managers and students was very positive with one of the students being offered paid work after their placement had finished.

Tracey Wilson (Head of Compliance and Strategy – Housing Needs) took on Ellie for two weeks and described her as being “a delight, so interested and keen, it’s been a pleasure to have her”.

Sandra Agyare (Care Manager) took on Renee for a week and described the benefits of the placement “she has learnt so many new things which she will carry with her forever”.

Christopher (pictured) spent a week with Commissioning and was described by Alicia Munday (Programme Manager) as “absolutely brilliant, he has done a great job!”

Florence and Megan (pictured) completed their work experience placements with Public Health and Bromley Children Project. They were both very positive and enjoyed their placements.

Bromley EBP would like to thank all managers/departments that offered placements and look forward to another successful round of placements when the application process re-opens in September 2018. 

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