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  • Apprenticeships really make a difference to employers

    Employers with an established apprenticeship programme reported a staggering 76% increase in productivity.  What’s more the government will pay 90% of the training costs, so taking on apprentices is a real win-win situation. You can also receive a grant of £1,000 if you recruit a 16-18 year old apprentice and if you employ fewer than 50 staff the training costs of taking on a 16-18 year old apprentice are also covered. There are thousands of highly motivated people looking for the opportunity to make a valuable contribution to your business. What’s more, apprentic...
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  • Help from employers when you need it…

    Bromley EBP runs a series of employability events for young people in local sixth forms who do not intend to go onto HE when they finish their studies.  On 9th February, over 20 employers from a range of organisations met with young people from Darrick Wood and Charles Darwin Schools to help offer their support and advice about the type of job opportunities available and how best to access them.  One of the young people from Darrick Wood School (Tia) wrote this about the event: ‘At the Next Steps Conference I was informed of different ways to find out what I wanted to do in my life. There were various sectors from a number of different industries, providing advice.  I met a lot of people who are currently going d...
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  • Thanks to Councillor Stevens

    Mentors are adults from the local community who volunteer to spend time with a young person with the aim of motivating and encouraging them to improve their skills and raise their aspirations. Bromley Mentoring Initiative (part of LBB Youth Services) has been delivering this successful programme of support to young people in Bromley since 1999. A steering group, made up of other local mentoring providers, Councillors and LBB Officers, provides a strategic approach to mentoring across the Borough and helps to promote the benefits of mentoring to those responsible for the welfare of children and young people.  It also helps to ensure that mentoring services adhere to best practice and quality standards and provide ‘best value’ for users and funders. Cllr. Tim Stevens, a member of the BMI group since 2010 and Chair from 2014, provided strong leadership.  He...
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  • Success through work experience

    Bromley EBP is delivering the Bromley Youth Employment Scheme, funded by Council Members which is aimed at helping tackle local youth unemployment.  A key strand of the project is supporting young people who are Looked After or Care Leavers with enhancing their employability skills to aid their transition to work.  AW was referred to the programme as, at the time she was in Year 11 at Harris Academy, Bromley which is a school that does not offer work experience as part of the curriculum. In February 2017 we met with her to talk through the benefits of the programme and also to find out more about any potential career ideas and, at that point she was interested in something within Law.  She was so committed to undertaking this opportunity that she agreed to give up part of her summer holiday break so it would not have a detrimental effect on preparation for her GCSEs. A placement with insight into working in an office was confirmed at Kesar & Co, a local solicitors, in Bromley for two weeks (24 July &ndash...
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  • Apprenticeships at Rainbow Day Nurseries

    Rainbow Day Nurseries have three nurseries in Bromley and Petts Wood and are currently recruiting for apprentices for Childcare Level 2 or Level 3.  They work with external trainers to provide the support and education element. For further information, please contact Bromley Education Business Partnership on 020 8462 5046, email:
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