Help from employers when you need it…

Bromley EBP runs a series of employability events for young people in local sixth forms who do not intend to go onto HE when they finish their studies.  On 9th February, over 20 employers from a range of organisations met with young people from Darrick Wood and Charles Darwin Schools to help offer their support and advice about the type of job opportunities available and how best to access them.  One of the young people from Darrick Wood School (Tia) wrote this about the event:

At the Next Steps Conference I was informed of different ways to find out what I wanted to do in my life. There were various sectors from a number of different industries, providing advice.  I met a lot of people who are currently going down the apprenticeship route and saw that they were doing what they love.

There was a good amount of time to go from table to table speed networking, so not only did you have time to ask questions about apprenticeships, but you also had time to see what skills were required for certain jobs. We also had the opportunity to have a solo practice interview which was very helpful, allowing me to understand what I need to improve on and what I did well in an interview. Not only that, I also had help in building my CV and to help make my CV stand out.

I am overjoyed that I went to this event and I recommend this to anyone if you are offered this opportunity, you should take it.’

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